What location should we start at?

While Maritime park is an OK starting point, I’d rather we start at a higher elevation, and preferably some place a bit historic. How about Village Green in Fairhaven? Throw out some ideas.

(jed at bitratchet dot com.)

2 thoughts on “What location should we start at?

  1. Jed I might have a few pitches of the Skelton in my closet but I am down to a skeleton crew and lost my ghost rider. Scully had a little accident in all that wind a few broken ribs and a cracked scull usually the wind blows right through her but ,not this time.we did make it down to the Station for a cold one where she ordered a Beer and a mop. Make no bones about it we are looking forward to the Tweed ride lately when we ride in the fall she gets chilled to the bones so she is looking forward to some nice warm tweed. Scully would like to start the ride in some of her old Fairhaven Haunts like the old Syclemore square where her cousin lady in green resides. I have her on a calcium diet now so we should be ready for the Tweed Ride!


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