Greg’s Awesome Steampunk Bike

Greg has been on previous Bellingham Tweed Rides. Here’s an awesome ride he made himself. He writes:

I wanted to build a steampunk themed bike for awhile. But not gawdy, with a bunch of trinkets and such. I felt there were certain details that would make it steampunk. Brass, copper, swoopy lines, old-timey. The bike turned out very close to my vision. The brass clad head tube junction was the biggest time consumer. But it is also my favorite part. The brake lines turned out great. I fabricated the tail light, using an existing LED board. The headlight was the last piece to come about. I found it at an antique store downtown. It was a turn of the century carbide bike lamp. I put a LED board in that runs off the generator hub. It looks so rad at night! The jewels light up, and light comes out of all the little holes in the lamp. The wood fenders are made by Tom Anderson here in town. The fender mounts are another detail that turned out well, and people seem to notice.




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