Route Map

2015 Route Map

This route has some significant hills, but I have them included for some of the best bits of town. I think we’ll all walk our bikes at some point, and I would encourage us to break out the tea cups and pour a restorative measure of water to help our constitutions.


Here the elevation is shown:

  1. 210 Lottie – City hall
  2. 121 Prospect St – Old city hall, 1883
  3. 1213 N State – Daylight building, 1904
  4. 1014 N Garden St – Morse House, 1884
  5. ~301 E Chestnut – this is a view of the Herald and Daylight Buidings, builts 20y apart.
  6. 1308 E St – Provincial Courthouse, oldest brick building in WA, 1853-1884, by 1904 it was an old building!
  7. 1106 W Holly St – Lottie Roth Block, 1890
  8. Elizabeth Park, built by Elizabeth Roeder, daughter of Henry Roeder.

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