Who’s in for Vicky Upgrades at Ragfinery?

 Need to fix up your victorian costume? Michael Lilliquist and I want to get a group to visit the Ragfinery for costume upgrades. Ryan Tabb writes: Currently, the workshop is arranged to provide time slots for customers to sign up in half hour increments, but we could restructure the workshop and reduce the cost. For […]


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Victor Roeder’s Home

Victor Roeder, son of Bellingham’s founder, Captain Henry Roeder, built this fine home. We’ll meet here to begin our ride. The first thing I notice is, where’s all the trees? I’m very happy there are so many more trees in the neighborhood. But when it was built…how close was his nearest neighbour? The second thing […]

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Victorian Cycling Clubs

The Victorian Cyclist blog writes: The primary function of cycling clubs in this period was weekend ‘club runs’, in which members would spend an afternoon going for a group ride, typically between twenty and sixty miles out into the British countryside. Central to these ‘runs’ were stops for food and liquid refreshment at pubs and […]

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Greg’s Awesome Steampunk Bike

Greg has been on previous Bellingham Tweed Rides. Here’s an awesome ride he made himself. He writes: I wanted to build a steampunk themed bike for awhile. But not gawdy, with a bunch of trinkets and such. I felt there were certain details that would make it steampunk. Brass, copper, swoopy lines, old-timey. The bike […]

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