Territorial Courthouse

Territorial Courthouse

1308 E Street

Oldest Brick Building in WA
Oldest Brick Building in WA

First Brick Building north of San Francisco stands in Bellingham. The Firm of T.G. Richards ordered the building to be built in 1858 as a general store, bank and warehouse to serve settlers in the area. Construction costs stood at $8000. Following the end of the Fraser River Gold Rush, settlers began to leave the area and Richards sold the building to others. The county eventually obtained the building and converted it into a territorial courthouse and jail. It was used as a courthouse until 1884, when a new courthouse building was constructed. The building was declared unfit for use and abandoned by the county. Over the years, various civic groups used the building for their activities. After the building fell into disrepair, the building underwent a recent remodel that has made it ready for more years of use. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

From City of Bellingham Historic Buildings.


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